Biom’up sees a strong commercial uptake in HEMOBLAST™ Bellows in the US and Europe

Saint-Priest (France), November 28, 2018, 8:00 am (Paris time) – Biom’up (the “Company”), a specialist in surgical hemostasis, announces today an update on its first months of commercialization of HEMOBLAST Bellows in the US and Europe and confirms a strong uptake among hospitals and surgeons.

  • HEMOBLAST Bellows now used in 26 US hospitals and under evaluation in more than 240 hospitals, a strong sign of market adoption
  • Acceleration of commercial roll-out in Europe with HEMOBLAST Bellows used in 36 hospitals in France and the DACH region and being evaluated in another 70 hospitals

Since its introduction to the US market in July 2018, 26 hospitals have purchased HEMOBLAST Bellows, indicating that the product has already successfully passed hospital evaluations. In total, more than 240 US hospitals are now also currently evaluating HEMOBLAST Bellows, up from 140 in mid-September.

In Europe, Biom’up focused the delivery of HEMOBLAST Bellows to key customers in France and the DACH region. 21 hospitals in France, 9 of them university hospitals, already use HEMOBLAST Bellows in their clinical routines which is an encouraging sign of market adoption. In addition, 15 hospitals among some of the most renowned in Germany, Austria and Switzerland have placed several orders. At present, more than 70 hospitals across Europe are now evaluating HEMOBLAST Bellows.

In Europe, French, German, Swiss and Austrian markets are directly addressed through the Company’s own sales force. In other European markets, Biom’up is actively identifying distribution partners and has recently signed its first distribution deal in Spain.

As recently communicated, the company efficiently executed a scale-up of its French manufacturing facility in October 2018 to meet encouraging market demand, increasing output of HEMOBLAST Bellows to more than 4,000 units. The Company expects this number to grow to 7,000 units per month by H1 2019. HEMOBLAST Bellows is sold in the US at a base price of $270 and in Europe at €250 per unit.

Etienne Binant, Chief Executive Officer, commented :Our product is gaining traction in all of our target markets. Surgeons increasingly see the benefits associated with using HEMOBLAST™ Bellows including no preparation time and an efficacy that can be measured in just minutes, a dramatic shift in how bleeding is managed in the operating room. On the supply side, we are fully on track with the rigorous scale-up of our production capacity and can thus continue to execute our strategy to establish HEMOBLAST Bellows as the leading product in the global hemostatic market.

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