New Publication Highlights Application of HEMOBLAST™ Bellows in Cardiovascular Surgery

  • Article describes successful use and advantages of HEMOBLAST Bellows in high risk patients prone to bleeding undergoing cardiovascular surgical procedures.

Saint-Priest, France, August 14th, 2019 – 8:00am (CET) – Biom’up (the « Company »), specializing in surgical hemostasis, today announced the publication of clinical case studies highlighting the use of the Company’s lead novel hemostatic product, HEMOBLAST Bellows in cardiovascular procedures and describing methods to optimize the use of HEMOBLAST in procedures where bleeding rates are typically higher and more challenging for conventional hemostatic agents. In these cases, published first online in the Journal of Cardiac Surgery, HEMOBLAST Bellows was observed to facilitate excellent hemostasis at both focal and over larger bleeding surfaces.

The Journal of Cardiac Surgery is a peer-reviewed, international publication devoted to contemporary surgical treatment of cardiac diseases.

Two clinical case studies taken from the pivotal trial for HEMOBLAST Bellows that was originally published in the January 2019 edition of the Journal of Cardiac Surgery are described in the article entitled “Application techniques of a novel hemostat in cardiac operations: HEMOBLAST” involving the insertion of a left ventricular assist device in a 53 year old female with end-stage heart failure and a reoperation coronary artery bypass procedure on a 73 year old male who had been on chronic therapy with commonly prescribed platelet inhibitors. Both are described as high-risk patients prone to bleeding and therefore also at risk of postoperative complications related to surgical blood loss, blood transfusion, and the associated morbidity and mortality risks. Bleeding was indeed noted in both cases and HEMOBLAST Bellows was used successfully to resolve the bleeding in both instances. Importantly, the authors note that the multiple components unique to HEMOBLAST Bellows appeared to have more adherence properties while also providing strong blood clotting activity versus other powder-based agents while also delivering the advantages of ease of use in both small and large area bleeding. The authors also noted a clear glaze over the wound after application of HEMOBLAST Bellows facilitating visualization of the operative field.

Prof. William Spotnitz, Chief Medical Officer at Biom’up, said:We are always gratified to see the successful application of HEMOBLAST Bellows especially in cases that present higher risk for patients and greater challenges for surgeons, which is why Biom’up developed the technology. We believe the cases described in the Journal of Cardiac Surgery are instructive in a variety of ways. Most importantly in describing the proper application of HEMOBLAST Bellows to resolve bleeding, but also in describing how the unique properties associated with HEMOBLAST Bellows contribute to its success as an effective and convenient hemostatic agent.

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